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Knock Knock. Who’s There? Miele’s Knock2Open Technology by ConalConal

Knock Knock.

Hey Appliance Fans,

When I was hired at Kieffer’s Appliances, I thought an oven was an oven and a dishwasher was a dishwasher and so on. They were all the same to me, but now I know better. If you’ve read the blog before, you know that appliances have so many different features that separate one brand, or model, from another. I’m continuously amazed to see what bells and whistles manufacturers come up with to outdo themselves, and they always think of something. Enter Miele’s Knock2Open dishwashers.

What are Miele Knock2Open Dishwashers?

Available on the Lumen dishwasher (model G6595SCViK2o) and the Diamond dishwasher (model G6985SCViK2o) in custom wood panel fronts only, you literally knock twice on the front and the door automatically opens. It’s very cool.

Why Would You Want Knock2Open Technology?

If you’re going for a modern kitchen design and your cabinetry doesn’t have handles or minimalistic handles, Knock2Open dishwashers ensure that you keep continuity throughout your base cabinets: