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Samsung Galaxy Watch review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most refined smartwatches you can buy today, with an aesthetically pleasing design, cohesive user interface and, importantly, four-day battery life.

It’s everything the Apple Watch 3 is not – for better and worse. Let's start with what's better. The Galaxy Watch looks and feels like a high-end wrist watch, with a circular stainless steel case and decorative bezel. It’s both stylish and functional because, like the previous Gear S3, the bezel rotates to cycle through its various on-screen menus.

This is the most satisfying way to navigate a smartwatch. Your fingers won’t cover up the watch’s small, hard-to-accurately-target touchscreen (an issue with any smartwatch), and it’s an idea exclusive to Samsung’s newer watches. You won’t find rotating bezels supported by Google’s Wear OS, while Apple’s watchOS uses a less intuitive rotating digital crown button on the side. This is one of two reasons why the Galaxy Watch runs Samsung’s Tizen software, not Wear OS.